Thank You

d90szwtsx1mrrg95sfsq5lq483l.jpg During life, we are often called upon to celebrate the lives of special people and take some time to mark their accomplishments. I am often drawn to remember important people in my own life as I celebrate a Funeral or Graduation or say farewell to folks as their life journey’s take them down new paths. It’s no different in Parish life. Each time we say farewell or God-speed to someone, we remember those with whom they worked over the years and the many contributions they have made to our individual parish families. Their service often goes unnoticed because we presume that whatever we need done for us will be done. What we sometimes forget, is that there is a hard-working person appointed or who has volunteered to make things happen for us, often behind the scenes.

This week at Mary Queen of Heaven, we recognized the end of an era. A group of men in the parish, often simply referred to as “THE GUYS” have concluded their volunteer service in Maintenance for the Church. Over the past 20+ years, these gentlemen have remodeled, painted, cleaned, mowed, set up, repaired and kept special watch over our buildings and grounds. They have been on call, dealing with emergencies and they have worked alongside contractors and other volunteers to get things done. The amount of work they did and the money they saved the parish is almost too much to imagine. If we were to add up all the hours, we would easily exceed over a million dollars. One “volunteer” salary out of the 5, when figured over the past 20-some years, would have been over $625,000,00! It goes without saying, that their dedication to the Parish Family and its home, was a true Blessing.
They have been our caretakers in the best sense of the word as they took on so many notable projects. The countless hours of repairs, large and small, stand as a testimony to their faith and their beautiful ethic of Stewardship. We offer them our thanks. We look to the days ahead for their counsel, especially during our planning process and we invite you to say with us all here, “Well done, good and faithful servants of the Lord”.

HARRY MARMUROWICZ (who went home to God this past year)


"The Guys" at a thank you/good bye luncheon.

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