Religious Education, Pre-School through 12th Grade

Developing a relationship with God is a life-long process of faith formation.  This process begins with you, parents and guardians, the primary models and educators of faith and life in action.  We are dedicated to supporting and supplementing the faith foundation that you have established at home.  Our programs offer Christian Formation to the children and youth of our community based on the elements, traditions, and teachings of the Catholic Church. 

In our 5-year-old Kindergarten through 12th grade Program, we focus on the following UNITS: 

  • Revelation
  • Trinity
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Church
  • Morality
  • Sacraments
  • Kingdom of God
  • Seasonal Lessons & Celebrations
  • Catholic Prayers
  • Words of Faith
  • Faith in Action



This class is specifically designed for the young child to experience faith in developmentally-appropriate ways.   The leader will introduce topics of faith using stories, crafts, dancing, singing, videos, puppets, flannel boards, etc.   During each 1 hour class, the kids and adults will participate in a regular routine that will include playtime, carpet time, craft time, hand washing, snack time, and more.  


Calendar for 2017-18
Welcome Letter for 2017-18





ksxcvcgogy0nym6fbcr0im789cl.JPG For information on Sacraments (First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation) see the Sacraments page or click on the flier.

4 ways to register your child/children for Religious Education or Sacraments:

h21bflwo3o8o1omapxvt26u4i5l.pngUse the paper form that will be mailed to you in August.


h21bflwo3o8o1omapxvt26u4i5l.pngPrint out the following paper form, fill it out and turn it in:

Paper Form - Religious Education Enrollment Form  (pre-school to 12th grade)


h21bflwo3o8o1omapxvt26u4i5l.pngUse the Online Registration form (pre-school to 12th grade):
Fill out this form anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This URL will open your form on any desktop or mobile internet browser

-OR -

h21bflwo3o8o1omapxvt26u4i5l.pngUse this QR code:

Scanning this QR Code on any mobile device will install the application and open your form.     chart?chs=100x100&cht=qr&chl=https%3A%2F


 Available this year - pay online 

In an effort to make paying for Religious Education easier, an online payment system has been setup in conjunction with our online donation system. This system allows you to automate recurring and/or onetime payments. Once you setup an account, you can have your Religious Education payments taken at a predetermined date and amount from your checking or savings account, or your debit or charge card account. You control the amount, frequency and start and stop dates. Religious Education payments can be signed up for near the bottom of the online giving page. Choose the appropriate parish and fill out the requested information. 

Please be aware of your financial responsibility according to the fee structure. Each level has separate fees, please pay accordingly, per level, for each student participating.

Little Lambs:  $25 for one and $5 for each additional sibling

5K - 5th Grade:  $100 for the 1st student and $20 for each additional sibling

Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation:  $25 Fee per student

6 - 12th Grade:  $140 for the 1st Student and $120 for each additional sibling

(These fees help defray the costs of the required youth rallies.)

Payments due:  October 15, 2017 and can be made by cash, check or online (see link above).

Payment options are available, speak to Becca Bojarski for information as soon as possible.


Service Work Form

“Dear young people, please, don’t be observers of life, but get involved.  Jesus did not remain an observer, but he immersed himself.  Don’t be observers, but immerse yourself in the reality of life, as Jesus did.”

— Pope Francis, July 27, 2013 Youth Prayer Vigil at Rio