Monthly Stewardship Letter

March, 2018


February Information Session

On Sunday, February 18, the Tri-Parish Community gathered at Mary Queen of Heaven Hall for the first of our information sessions regarding the merger process.  The meeting began with the introduction of the Transition Team Leadership and the members of the sub-committees who were present.  The conversation continued with an overview of the process to date.  Several points came up during the question and answer period.  We will address two of them in this letter and the rest in a Question and Answer sheet later in the month.

-What church buildings will close when we merge?  At this point in the process, we are gathering the necessary information to make recommendations concerning all our parish buildings.  When that information is complete, we will share it along with the recommendations from the Pastoral Council and Transition Team. This will also include a current, detailed financial report for the parishes.  We hope to have this phase done by the end of spring.  It is important to remember that NO decisions have been made at this point regarding the site of the new parish.

-This has already been a lengthy process; how much longer do we have to wait?  We are aware of the time and energy that have gone into the process so far.  The desire to ‘get it done quickly’ is a temptation.  However, diligence and encouraging each of you to have a voice in the process takes considerable time.  We hope to stay on track and have the first phase ready for implementation before the end of summer. With a project of this magnitude, there will be several stages necessary to accomplish all that we are going to do. Several other important topics were mentioned, and again, we will have a Q & A sheet ready in a few weeks.

LENT 2018

Part of our Lenten journey this year includes a special project to help the poor.  All three parishes are joined in a limited, but very important effort to make a difference in the lives of 100 orphans and in three communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Jeff Mullins, a Lay Missionary from our parishes has been working with people in the DRC for over 10 years.  Constant violence, over 3 million refugees, starvation and a lack of resources are part of everyday life for the people of the Kasai region. We have been asked for help, and every dollar donated will go directly to them.  It may seem like a small effort considering such great need, but we WILL make a difference to some, and they will make a difference in the lives of others because of what they have received.  You may donate at any parish until Easter.  There will be a basket in each sanctuary for the next 4 weeks.  If you want to write a check, please make it out to your parish.  If you choose to place it in the weekly collection, please place it in any envelope and mark it CONGO RELIEF.  Please remember that our first gift is our prayer for these suffering people.    As always, Thank You for your prayers and gifts to the parish.  May Lent bring us closer to Christ in the faces of His people throughout the world. Then we can truly understand the power of His Resurrection at Easter!

Fr. Thomas, Fr. Jeff and your Tri-Parish Pastoral Staff.