Monthly Stewardship Letter

January, 2018

Happy New Year! 

Another year of grace has begun for us at the parishes. We are grateful for the blessings of this past year as we turn the calendars over once again.  A funny thing about blessings; they inevitably bring about new challenges and developments. 

This year, our Parish Merger Process will bring us many new challenges. Fiscal responsibility, the membership of the new parish and the changing needs of ministry will be an ever-present background for the New Year. To begin to meet those needs, we continue to explore creative and positive ways to increase participation and support in every area of Church Life. Our goal has always been to move carefully into the merger process for our future.  We will begin coming to you in the next month to discuss the immediate needs of our community and formulate long-term plans for the merger. 

The Transition Team is our first task.  We will announce those members via the bulletin and the next monthly letter, which you will receive in a few weeks with your year-end financial statement. We also want to extend the invitation to you if you would like to serve on the transition team.  There will be many tasks in which to participate.  We will be glad to share those areas with you if you are interested.  January will also include the process of creating our final individual parish budgets as we move toward combining them into one budget as soon as possible.

The Holy Spirit will guide us and, in a real sense, protect us as we move into a future together filled with the faith, hope and love called for by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  May you all be blessed as the year unfolds.  Please know that we continually thank God for having been given the honor to work with each of you in the past. Let us pray that God will continue this good work into the present and future of our New Parish Family.

Fr. Jeff, Fr. Thomas and the Pastoral Staff and Councils of our Parish Communities.