Monthly Stewardship Letter

October, 2017

As we anticipate the real season of Autumn with its incumbent changes in temperature and scenery, we would like to catch up on a few topics and share some news on items and changes that are important to us all.

THANK YOU To all the folks who made the Tri-Parish picnic at MQH a real success.  The musical program was great and all who attended enjoyed the time together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  -Thanks also to those who have been generous in donating to the Hurricane Relief Fund of Catholic Charities. -On behalf of the Missionaries at each parish, we are also grateful for the support and prayers you have given to The Society of African Missions (IHM), the children at the Mpandilu Center and Congo Helping Hands (St. AL’s) and the people of the Tanzanian Missions (MQH).  These efforts reflect our commitment to building up the Kingdom of God in our local church and our concern for the ever-present needs of the global Church in the world today. 

STEWARDSHIP An important part of our planning process is the discussion of the financial health and viability of our three parishes.   This month we are including a pledge card to help us in this task.  As we formulate the three parish budgets, we use the projected income indicated from the cards.  We would also like to encourage a switch to online giving for those who are interested.  The program is now a few months old and while there were a few initial glitches, the process works well and provides a definite help to our income levels each month.  You will find it at “We Share online giving” on the website.

CALENDAR RAFFLE AND SCRIP These two programs have been a part of our communities for many years.  Over the past 5 years, we have experienced a serious decline in volunteer and parish participation as well as profit for both.  -The Calendar Raffle will be suspended for the coming year (2018). When our planning process is complete, we will see if it can be restored with a renewed format.  -The Scrip program requires that 85% of sales be done by volunteers.  Overall, the two Scrip programs barely meet that requirement and participation on the part of our parish members is minimal.  With the availability of gift cards almost everywhere, interest has dropped and with the inventory we carry, the profit we receive is very limited.  Right now, we plan to discontinue selling Scrip by July 1, 2018.  Both these efforts and those of the volunteers have served a real need and done well in the past.  It is our hope that we will be able to find some fresh ideas and new programs to assist in our fundraising efforts as we move forward.

NOVEMBER COMMEMORATION OF THE DEAD Each year our parish families celebrate those who have been called home to God during the past year, and have been laid to rest from our churches.  At our November celebrations, we call out the names of our loved ones and we offer special prayers for their souls. We are aware, however, that not all the deceased of our parishes come to church for a Funeral celebration.  If you know of a parish member whose life was celebrated elsewhere, please give us a call in the parish office so that we may include them in our prayers and invite their families to join us for our special masses. 

PARISH OFFICE CHANGES The first phase of our Parish and Business Office consolidation has been underway for the past two years.  We believe that the time has come to relocate the Tri-Parish Office to Immaculate Heart of Mary.   You will receive a letter In the next few weeks explaining the factors involved in making this decision and our plans to provide limited office hours at the two other parish sites.  Please read through the information provided in that letter carefully, so that we will all have the same information to create the best possible outcome.

Thank You, Fr. Thomas, Fr. Jeff and the Tri-Parish Pastoral Staff