Lectors (Ministers of the Word)

Ministers of the Word

Whenever we gather to celebrate Mass with the community we come to know Jesus in different ways.  First and foremost, we know Him in the breaking of the Bread, in our reception of Holy Communion.  We also come to know him through the community that gathers in His name and through the ministry of the Bishops, Priests and Deacons.  In another significant way, He is known to us through the Scriptures.  The readings, psalms and even the songs that we sing, share the presence of God with us all.

The Lector is one of us who feels called to share God’s Word.  They help to tell the story of our history as God’s people.  Through their ministry they help us to understand how God speaks to us in so many and varied ways. 

This ministry requires an individual to possess self-confidence, have good communication skills, be comfortable in public speaking, have poise and maturity. The lector must be a person of prayer and have a love of sacred scripture. Those who proclaim God’s word enter a deeper relationship with God in sacred scripture. Lectors are required to prepare their readings through prayer and reflection on their assigned scriptures. 

The most important quality of any Lector at Mass is the willingness to let God’s word shine through you. If you would like to explore this special ministry, please contact the parish office and ask for your particular parish.


IHM Lector Schedule - summer