Greeters and Ushers


The greeters' and ushers' primary function has always been to provide service to members and guests of the parish at all liturgical celebrations.  General responsibilities include greeting people as they enter and leave the church, assisting attendees with finding seating and, if necessary, providing assistance in time of stress.  During the celebration of Mass they provide guidance by initiating and supporting a sense of order in receiving Holy Communion.  Greeters and Ushers do much more than simply collect money during the service.

Each parish has ministry duties that are specific to the particular building.

At MQH the usher ministry provides parishioners with a service opportunity that requires very little time. Each Mass has five ushers, two on the west side, two on the north side and one on the east side. The ushers come to Mass early to greet parishioners and guests and to pass out an Order of Worship to all entering the church. Ushers also answer questions as best they are able. The ushers on the side with the table that holds the bread and wine pick people to take up the gifts.

At all the parishes, during the Mass the ushers will take up the collection and assist with an orderly procession to receive Communion. After communion the ushers will take the collection to the sacristy, bag it and put it in the safe. When the celebration of Mass is complete, ushers will open the doors, pass out bulletins and remove items from the pews as needed. An usher schedule with contact information is prepared periodically. There are times, Ash Wednesday, Communal Penance services, etc., when ushers are asked to greet and pass out information.

If you are interested in becoming an usher, please contact the parish office and ask for your particular parish.