Eucharistic Adoration - spend an hour, one on one with Christ


Mary Queen of Heaven  -  At Mary Queen of Heaven, Eucharistic Adoration is offered Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM in the Chapel. Please contact Pat at 262-439-8731 to volunteer to spend time with God.


St. Aloysius has been hosting Eucharistic Devotions for over 50 Years. In that time, it has experienced several evolutions. It began with an all-parish effort to promote Holy Hours every hour during the week, 24/7. Currently (see below), they are held from 8 am to 3 pm on the First Fridays of the month.


As the number of people at adoration continued to diminish, we were faced with the reality of yet another evolution in our practice. Beginning Tuesday, August 1st, the Tuesday Eucharistic Devotions at St. Aloysius have been discontinued.

This is a sad decision to make, yet one that is necessary to safeguard the integrity and safety of the Holy Eucharist. To ensure that the people have a place to go for adoration on Tuesdays, Mary Queen of Heaven's Eucharistic Adoration is available to everyone. The Adoration Chapel there is open Monday thru Thursday after morning Mass until 9 PM.

As there are no Eucharistic Devotions/Adoration on Fridays at Mary Queen of Heaven, St. Aloysius will continue to host First Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until further notice. Please consider joining us on the First Fridays of the month for prayer and devotion, especially as we continue to pray for our Planning Process.



An excerpt from an article on Eucharistic Adoration -

“The best kind of friend is the one with whom you can spend time without having to say anything. You can just share the moment and enjoy each other's company, knowing your relationship is deeper than the spoken word.  That kind of silent communication is what takes place between you and Jesus when you participate in Eucharistic Adoration.
Eucharistic Adoration is the spiritual practice of spending time in the presence of the exposed Host.  One of the things that most identifies us as Catholics is our belief in the Eucharist as the Real Presence of Christ. Many Christian denominations have a service that commemorates the Last Supper, and quite a few distribute bread and wine (or grape juice) at that service.

For Catholics, the Eucharist is no mere symbol of Jesus; we believe that the consecrated Host is actually the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ. We take great joy (the word Eucharist means “thanksgiving”) in having this amazing gift that we can see, touch, and even taste. It is the most profound way we experience the presence of Christ in our world today.

Eucharistic Adoration provides us with a chance to be with our Savior one on one.  Through this practice, we are invited to spend time alone with God in his real, physical form and to bring to Jesus all our cares, concerns, prayers, hopes and thoughts. We set aside a special time, a respite from our hectic modern lives, to create a personal space in which to meet our God.  By doing so, we grow more in tune with God. We put ourselves in position to talk to him, and also to listen. We reserve a time and a space when we ask Jesus to come into our hearts and minds, and when we walk away, we are transformed.”

 - excerpt from article Eucharistic Adoration: Drawing Closer to Jesus By: Kathleen M. Carroll