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Pastoral Council Nominations

Our Tri-Parish Pastoral Council has been in operation now for over two years. Three years ago, when it was formed, we planned on staggering the terms of the first 18 members of the group for 1, 2, and 3 years. All the members drew lots to see how long their term would last. This past year, because of the importance of seeing the initial phase of our planning process completed, we chose to keep all the members on the council together for one additional year until the first draft of the plan was ready for the Archbishop. The current members all agreed to this.

As we are almost ready to take the next step in our process, the Pastors and Council members felt that it was time to return to our initial plan. The terms for those serving one or two years have expired. With one exception, the members with 1-year remaining have chosen to remain in place.

On the nomination forms, this is indicated at the top. IHM needs 4 nominees and St. AL’s and MQH each need 3. The number differs because some members have left the Council and some are not planning to return to finish their initial term. Some have mistakenly concluded that the parishes are not equally represented because of the different number of nominees. As you can see, that is false. Individual members and nominees determine if they wish to stay on Council or be nominated to fill a vacancy. Some departing members are willing to accept nomination for another term, and we thank them. When the Nomination and Orientation is complete in a few weeks, we will share pictures and biographical information with you to facilitate the remaining tasks that lie ahead.


Please Note:  Since the Tri-Parish Council did not meet in September, October, December, 2016, and January 2017, there are no minutes for those months.

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