Adult & Family Ministries

All adults and their family members are invited to enrich their faith lives by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by our cluster parishes. Programs are offered throughout the year for all stages of life. We have a vibrant volunteer Cluster Adult Formation Committee that, together with pastoral staff, provides ongoing ideas and inspiration. We welcome you to participate and if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact the Director of Adult and Family Ministry, Kathy Smith, at 414-453-0300 x25 or



Young adult ministry is directed towards those in their 20’s and 30’s, single or married, and includes social, service and sacred opportunities.


FISH stands for “Faith Inspired Social, Service and Sacred Hours” and is a year-round young adult group open to all young adults. Please go to the FISH page for more information.


Theology on Tap is an archdiocesan wide offering for young adults with numerous sites that operate each summer. Please go to the Theology on Tap page for more information.


For groups and locations:



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Similar to Theology on Tap but intended for adults 40+. Watch the bulletin for more information.



One of the ways Christians have been gathering since the very beginning is in small faith sharing groups. These are groups of 6-12 people who gather on a regular basis to: share personal experiences of God’s work in our life; support one another’s lives of service within and without the community; reflect on Scripture or other materials; to challenge one another to live out the gospel and become intentional disciples; to focus on our faith and God’s presence in our daily lives. Cluster groups meet at parish sites or in individual’s homes throughout the year, generally for six weeks at a time. Groups meet on different days of the week, with day and evening groups available. Past offerings have included the Sunday Scripture Readings, special Prayer, Advent and Lenten books. Suggestions are always welcome. To learn about current offerings, contact the Cluster Adult and Family Ministry Director (Kathy Smith, at 414-453-0300 x25 or or check the bulletin.



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